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For over 30 years, Osage Gardens has been growing some of the world’s finest, and most nutrient dense, organic culinary herbs.
Check us out and enjoy.

With over 20 varieties of culinary herbs to choose from year-round, you’ll always have what you need to make every meal exquisite.

You have questions about herbs. We have answers. And if they’re not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rule number 1 – keep it away from the fridge. Basil doesn’t like things chilly, preferring the counter at room temperature (the ideal is 50-55 degrees F), and out of direct sunlight.
Keep them in the refrigerator between 35-40 degrees F in their clamshell packaging.
Well that all depends on the variety of herb. For example, chives and dill are extremely perishable and will last just a few days in the refrigerator. Use them quickly. Herbs including mint and oregano will last longer, and the woody herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage, and bay leaves will keep for many weeks in the fridge. And remember, keep basil out of the cold. At Osage Gardens we work tirelessly in the winter months to protect our amazing basil from the icy temperatures.
In a word, YES. In more words, Osage Gardens has been certified organic for over 30 years by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and is current with all USDA NOP standards.

NO WAY. At Osage Gardens, we’re proud of the bio-rich soils we work hard year-round to build and maintain. These soils produce the best soil-grown, nutrient-dense, certified organic herbs anywhere in the Rocky Mountain region. And they’re grown in covered greenhouses that incorporate annual crop rotations.

Of course. Our clamshells are made from PET packaging which is the easiest to recycle and the one accepted at ALL recycling. What else would you expect from a company built on all-things organic?