Local & Organic

Osage Gardens is passionate about organics, local food, products and an organic way of life!

Since the inception of Osage Gardens we have always been using organic practices.  Osage Gardens has been certified Organic since 1999. We are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Although we whole-heartedly believe in organic, we want to go beyond organic.  We believe in growing sustainably, and working with our environment and local ecosystem to maintain and encourage natural diversity. We want to build our local food economy in the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado River Corridor to provide our community with an accessible, diverse, abundant and sustainable food system. All of our culinary herbs and vegetables are certified organic.  In our Farm store, we source products that have been locally grown or produced.We think you will appreciate the smart and sustainable food choices we have available at the farm store and our other markets. To learn more about our commitment to organics, we encourage folks to come take a tour of the farm on one of our regularly scheduled farm tours. Learn about our composting, soil management practices, our use of beneficial insects, our efficiency measures, other aspects of the cycles of the growing seasons, and our partnerships with other Colorado farmers and producers to bring you the best of our region.






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